Ritsu Dismissed From Cloud9 DOTA2 Roster

Effective immediately, Ravindu "Ritsu" Kodippili has been dismissed from the Cloud9 DOTA2 roster. Today's elimination from DOTA's first ever Major, while unfortunate, held no bearing on Ravindu's removal from the roster. In light of this decision, Cloud9 Captain, Theeban "1437" Siva, shared his thoughts on the dismissal.

"Ritsu's performance on the roster was better than I expected and while I will miss having him around as a friend and teammate, the indiscretions of his past inevitably lead towards this outcome. His recent efforts to improve his behavior came too late and following our elimination from the Major, it was determined that Cloud9 was no longer the place for him to be."

Alongside Theeban's comment, Cloud9's General Manager, Danan Flander, spoke shortly about the sudden removal of Ravindu from the DOTA2 team.

"Events preceding the attendance of the Frankfurt Major weighed heavily on both Ritsu and Cloud9 as an organization. His out-of-game conduct was consistently unbecoming of a professional player and although he began taking steps to change himself and how he interacted with the DOTA2 competitive community, his past indiscretions combined were too much for Theeban, myself, and the rest of the organization to overlook moving towards the next Major."

Before beginning his journey back home, Ravindu wanted to share his thoughts about his time at Cloud9.

"While it's coming to a bittersweet end, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the guys at Cloud9. I made a consistent effort leading up to and during the Major to improve my behavior and felt that I was making progress. I feel that my play and behavior at the Major were both acceptable, but the conclusion Cloud9 drew in removing me isn't something I can fault them for. In the end, I'm happy I had the opportunity to attend two LANS, participate in my first Major, and work with Theeban, Brax, MSS, and SVG."

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