Sean Gares Steps Down from the CS:GO Starting Lineup

   As a rule of thumb, change is constant and evolution is unstoppable. As a result, Cloud9 CS:GO would like to formally announce the stepping down of their IGL, Sean “sg@res” Gares from the starting lineup.

    Sean has been an integral part of this lineup since it’s inception in early 2013 with another organization. The highs and lows of this lineup, to date, have all been endured by Sean. The tremendous amount of effort he has put into bettering the in-game arsenal that the team has allocated through the past two years has been invaluable. Furthermore, Sean’s character out of game has been one that could be described as a hallmark within the community.

“My time as a player for Cloud9 has brought countless memories and experiences that I'll cherish for a lifetime. Not only did I get an opportunity to travel the world doing something I love, but I was blessed to do it with all great people; people I'm proud to call my friends.

Regardless of who takes my spot, I truly wish the best for the team. I'm certain that the team's persistent hard work will pay off and that Cloud9 CS:GO will be a prominent force in 2016.

Thank you to all of my teammates, fans, and Cloud9 management for all of the love and support over the years. I will forever be grateful of this journey!” - Sean "sg@res" Gares

    From this moment forward, Cloud9 CS:GO will be conducting tryouts and will decide on any new additions to the roster after the first of the new year. During this time of trials, we ask that fans remain patient and steadfast alongside the squad in this time of transition. Exciting times are coming in 2016 and the community as a whole has nothing but greatness to look forward to, especially within our unit.


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