Slemmy Steps Down; autimatic to Cloud9 CS:GO

Effective immediately, Alec "Slemmy" White has stepped down from the Cloud9 CS:GO starting roster. Following our final ELeague Season 1 match against Na'Vi in late July, Alec communicated his wishes to the organization. After thoroughly discussing options, Alec asked to be removed from the starting roster shortly before the two week team break scheduled for early August. Following his decision, we approached a handful of players and organizations to begin looking into finding his replacement. Throughout this scouting process, Alec has echoed the sentiment that he currently has no intention of stepping into a coaching role, and fully intends to continue his career as a player. 

We continued to speak with and trial players over the course of the last three weeks, and, as of last night, we have agreed to terms with Team Solomid, facilitating the transfer of Timothy "autimatic" Ta into the Cloud9 CS:GO family. Formerly of compLexity Gaming and Team Solomid, Tim's introduction to the scene dates back to playing casual Counter-Strike: Source in 2009. Only in the spotlight for the last two years, Tim has shown tremendous growth as a player and we're confident he will do the same as a teammate. 


Please join us in welcoming Timothy "autimatic" Ta to the Cloud9 CS:GO roster! His debut with the team is only a short time away as #C9CSGO look to take on Team Liquid in their first ESL Pro League Season 4 matchup today at 5PM PST; Tune in at ESL_CSGO or down below.

Looking for more information about Cloud9? Check out our social pages, linked at the bottom of the page. You can also find any roster information or player social pages visiting the Official Cloud9 CS:GO Team Page linked in the banner below:


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