Smart players, or mechanical players?

So I just tweeted out saying "Random thought, but I think the best players are the smartest players, not the mechanically godly but dumb players."

I'm going to expand on why I believe that way so people can get understand my thought process on that a bit more. 

  • Smart players don't get caught as often or are usually where they need  to be at the right time. They know where to be on the map, when to apply pressure and how to apply that pressure. A good example of this would be my teammate Meteos, he's a very smart jungler. He's almost always doing something whether it be applying pressure on a lane, a buff or dragon he's doing something with his time and just generally being smart (rarely gets caught/does bad plays).
  • They can provide a lot of insight into the game itself, as far as picks/bans why champions are strong/weak and just generally will think more about the game. They look at numbers and see why things are good and what can be improved upon. A good example of this is LemonNation, he is the smartest one on the team in my opinion at least when it comes to League related things. He often looks up champions and numbers just to theory craft and try to figure out what is good/bad/could potentially be op. He enjoys doing that and likes watching other teams play so he can learn from them.
  • Usually speaking, the shot caller needs to understand a lot about the game so they can control the game flow correctly in a way that would allow them to win the game the easiest.   This game is a lot about outmaneuvering your opponent during the game, and out drafting them. If your shot caller makes one bad decision, that could be game over for your team.

I'm sure there's more to it, but I can't think of it at the moment and if I do I'll update the post. Now, I'm not saying mechanics aren't important because they definitely are. If you're mechanically bad you wouldn't be able to apply the pressure in the 1v1 lane correctly or do what's needed in a team fight. However, I feel as having godly mechanics is extremely overrated by the community. The best players aren't always the ones who do the flashiest of plays or have the best stats, it's the players who control the game flow, don't ever throw and are often where they are needed to be. A lot of players tend to seem bad because they don't do flashy things or what they do provide to the team isn't noticeable to the public. But there is so much that goes on behind the team that the community can't see from just watching the games. 

I hope the community takes sometime to think about what a player provides to a team outside of flashy plays before they decide to bash them or deem them a bad player.  

Once again, thanks for taking the time to read my blog! Take care :). 

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