Smoothie & Altec Join Cloud9

As the League of Legends Summer competitive season quickly approaches, we're happy to announce the addition of Andy "Smoothie" Ta to the Cloud9 LCS roster! After an exemplary performance in Korea, Andy has earned himself a split-time position on the Cloud9 LCS roster. Moving forward, Andy and his current partner support, Michael "Bunny FuFuu" Kurylo, will split equal time both in scrims and on the LCS stage week-by-week. Michael and Andy are both integral members to the Cloud9 LCS team who, when paired together, help solidify a well-rounded, highly competitive League of Legends roster.

Additionally, we are pleased to welcome Johnny "Altec" Ru to the Cloud9 NACS roster! Formerly of Winterfox, Gravity, and NRG eSports, Johnny helps round off an already star-studded NACS roster. To catch up on both the Cloud9 LCS and Cloud9 NACS rosters check out their respective team pages below:

Please join us in welcoming both Smoothie and Altec to the Cloud9 League of Legends division! Be sure to tune into the NA LCS Summer Split Broadcast at 12PM PST on June 4 and the NACS Summer Split Broadcast at 6PM PST on June 8, as Cloud9 LCS take on Immortals while Cloud9 Challenger takes on Team Liquid Academy!

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