Thank You and Farewell, CMcHugh

Cloud9 is announcing today the release and retirement of Collin CMcHugh McHugh from our Clash Royale team and from competitive Clash Royale, respectively. CMcHugh was a part of the first group of signings we made for the Clash Royale League and we are all grateful for the role he played in our inaugural season.

“Collin was a huge part of our team and our success this season, he was not only a great teammate but a great friend for many years. Cmc will be greatly missed by this community and especially by his teammates.”
— Erick “erick” Benamu, Cloud9 Clash Royale Head Coach
“It was a pleasure to work with CMcHugh during his time at Cloud9 and I wish him the best going forward with his retirement from Clash Royale.”
— Ian Huston, Cloud9 Clash Royale Team Manager
“CMcHugh was a vital component in not only getting Cloud9’s team of the ground, but the Clash Royale League as a whole as well, and we all know the competitive circuit won’t be the same without him. We look forward to hearing about the next chapter in his life and wish him success.”
— Jack Etienne, Cloud9 CEO & Owner

With his leadership and talent, CMcHugh and Cloud9 were one of only three teams with a winning record in the inaugural season of CRL, as he helped the team go 9-5 during the regular season. We are thankful for what he helped us accomplish this season.

From everyone here at the Cloud9 organization, we wish CMcHugh a wonderful retirement!

For discussion on this news and everything regarding our Clash Royale team, check out the official Cloud9 Discord.


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