The Departure of Cloud9 Challenger

During the 2016 NACS Summer Split, we at Cloud9 had the privilege of supporting the return of first generation Cloud9 members Hai Hai Lam, An Balls Le, and Daerek LemonNation Hart to the North American Challenger scene. Paired with former NRG ad-carry Johnny Altec Ru, now starting Cloud9 jungler Juan Contractz Garcia, and former CLG sub Thomas Thinkcard Slotkin, the veteran-led roster ran through their competition, securing Cloud9 an LCS spot for the second time ever.

Now, on the eve of the 2017 NALCS Spring Split, we bid farewell to Hai, LemonNation, Balls, Altec, and Thinkcard as they look to re-enter the NALCS.

Please join us in bidding a heartfelt farewell to Hai, Balls, LemonNation, Altec, and Thinkcard! We wish them the best of luck and look forward to competing against them throughout 2017.

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