Top Overwatch Team Joins Cloud9

We at Cloud9 are excited to announce the acquisition of top North American Overwatch team 'google me'. Currently ranked #2 globally and #1 in the North American region according to GosuGamers, the 'google me' roster put together an impressive string of first and second place finishes in the following events in the last month of Overwatch closed beta:

  • One Hit Club Weekly #1
  • GosuGamers Overwatch NA Weekly #4
  • One Hit Club Weekly #2
  • GosuGamers Overwatch NA Weekly #5
  • GosuGamers Overwatch NA Weekly #6

Moving forward, the Cloud9 Overwatch roster will be as follows:

Kyle "KyKy" Souder C9KyKy kyleky
Greg "Grego" McAllen C9Grego gregomyeggolive
Lane "Surefour" Roberts C9Surefour Surefour
Adam "Adam" Eckel C9_Adam adamzee
Derrick "reaver" Nowicki C9reaver tehreaver
Kevin "deBett" deBettencourt C9debett debett123

To catch the team in action, tune into the weekly tournaments streamed and hosted by GosuGamers Overwatch NA and One Hit Club. Also, be sure to check out the Cloud9 Overwatch Team Page to keep up with news and information from the players themselves. As always, check out our social pages below for more up-to-date news and information about all things Cloud9:

Cloud9gg Cloud9gg Cloud9gg C9ggTV team/Cloud9

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