Welcome Xotic & Priestah to Cloud9 Call of Duty!

Effective today, we at Cloud9 bid farewell to Richard Ricky Stacy and Andres Lacefield Lacefield, who have been released from the Cloud9 Call of Duty active roster. In their place, please welcome John Xotic Bruno and Preston Priestah Greiner, formerly of GosuCrew. John and Preston will join the remaining members on the active roster, Adam Assault Garcia and Patrick ACHES Price, moving forward.

“This is a change that, while hard to make, is necessary. Our performance at CODXP 2016 forced a spotlight on us and initially we were off to a great start in the Infinite Warfare season. Unfortunately, we were not able to keep that same team chemistry, dedication to improving, and high-level performance through the mid-season events. After not placing where we were intending at GPL Stage 1 and falling into the GPL Stage 2 Qualifier, we knew it was time for a change. No one person was ever the real problem on the team, but as the game continues to develop and the speed at which the game needs to be played changes, we need to adapt. Xotic and Priestah both bring a lot of enthusiasm, desire to succeed, and a very fast paced slaying style that we feel we need to succeed. I’m excited to get back on track with this new roster.”
— Patrick Price, Cloud9 Call of Duty Team Captain

With the Global Pro League Stage 2 Qualifier taking place on June 15, as well as the highly anticipated MLG Anaheim only days after, there will be plenty of Cloud9 Call of Duty action starting back up in June.

In the mean time, you can follow Patrick, Adam, John, and Preston by checking out the official Cloud9 Call of Duty team page by clicking the banner below.


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