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So with Worlds being over I wanted to talk a bit about my experience at finals!

My Girlfriend, 2 Brothers and their 2 friends came up for worlds and to hang out! We had some nosebleed seats originally but luckily got to down closer to the ground right behind the caster desk. So they had pretty legit seats! My girlfriend and I went to go watch the game from the VIP AMEX booth instead which was really sweet! There was free food there and had a giant dessert cart with ice cream, cake and cookies and stuff! Was legit

Meeting the fans is always a good time but this time around at Finals I met two fans that went above and beyond what I expected and they gave me cool stuff! This nice Asian girl gave me this really cute Corgi Bear? Stuffed animal and another fan gave me some cool glowing key chain thing? It was the first time any fan gave me things and I was really thankful! Meeting so many fans was kind of weird for me too because I was hanging out with my family/gf/friends who all knew me before I was “famous” so them having to wait around for me to sign autographs and take pictures was kind of weird! Because to them I’m just their brother/friend/boyfriend and not a famous celebrity.

The introduction to the games was so sweet, the orchestra that played was really epic. It was something you definitely wanted to be there in person to experience, along with all the cool stuff Riot was giving out! Sadly there was only 3 games to watch as SKT dominated Royal in a quick 3-0 fashion, it made the night go a bit faster though which isn’t too bad. After the games I had to sign autographs and take pictures for about an hour or so before I had to leave and get dinner with the team/family/friends. We went to some breakfast? place that was open all night I think, it was really good. We went to the alcohol store after and had a party in my hotel room, had a legit like 30+ people in the room! Was super packed and even had a guest appearance by Tabe! He’s awesome guy and his morale wasn’t too bad, Doublelift and Travis came over later as well so it was a really good time.

The next day my brothers/friends/gf all went down to Japan Town in LA and we at Daikokuya! Place had the best ramen ever, it was like an hour wait to get a table but pretty much worth it. Would definitely recommend that place to everyone! When we finished eating we all went to Hollywood Boulevard and walked down the street, took pictures of the famous peoples hand prints in the ground and headed over to the Wax Museum which was pretty creepy! They looked so real, or at least some of them did. After that we split up and my gf/I went to Universal Studios Horror Night! The theme park was realllllllllly big and had so many rides/mazes/haunted house things to do, it wasn’t too scary but I had fun with it! Especially the 3d Transformers ride, that was a blast because I love thrill rides and it was much cooler than I expected it to be. We would of had to wait in line for hours for these rides but I met a worker there who knew me, he gave me a few passes to cut in front of the line which was awesome! I gave him some Cloud 9 Wristbands in return to thank him and he saved us a good amount of time.

So overall, I had a great time at Finals this year and it was definitely an event I’d go to again next but hopefully I’ll be playing instead of watching :p, that’s a big dream to wish for though and I’ll do my best to make it happen for you guys!

A lot of you guys are wondering how we’re going to practice and what we’re going to work on for next season, but the thing is. With Season 4 coming, there are changes that are bound to happen to the game too just like there was for Season 2 and 3. We have to wait for those changes before we can give a concrete answer on what we will be practicing/working on. Obviously we’ll keep playing the game to keep our mechanics in shape, but as far as “strategy” or champion pools, that’s something that is extremely variable depending on the meta/patch! Just know that we will be doing our best to become better than we are now

With this off season we will be creating a lot more blogs/vlogs/champion guides and hopefully stream more so you guys have more things to read/watch/learn! Oh, I think we plan on having Fan Meets during the off season too, so if you’d like one at your town  show us that your town would love for us to go there and maybe we can show up! ^_^, thanks for reading guys and look forward to the off season and next split!

Oh and please vote for us to attend IEM tournament in Cologne, Germany! Here is the link:

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